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No smoking hotel -Season6-


“Our revolution will never end without banishment of Bourgeoisie people”
“To make it happen, we’d be forced to bring an armed uprising”

The November Revolution which was carried out with Lenin’s agitation resulted in the birth of a country titled Soviet.

Maria’s family, which was from the so-called Bourgeoisie, to protect itself, decided to move to a distant place, Siberia.

In time,
there came the artists for the anti-Establishment which Soviet denied,
and the lonely village in the suburb of Irkutsk turned into an artists village.

A short night of summer was about to be over in the artist village.

Anastasia doesn’t have the full control of her legs, but she’s still 26. It’s too early for her to abandon her life as a woman.

Speaking of which, her husband Sergei has been captured by Japanese Army in Irkutsk.

Japanese Army? At this time,
the Siberian intervention was conducted by Japanese Army under the pretext of international contribution to set up right the public peace which the civil war after the revolution disturbed.

Japan, as the result of the triumph at the Russo-Japanese war, has assured its rights and the benefits in Korea(South Korea and North Korea at present).

In those days, when the ex-prime minister Hirobumi Ito visited Harbin, Manchuria(the northeast of China at present), which was under control of Russia,
he was assassinated by a young Korean man at a train station.

Moreover, during World War I,
after they invaded Qindao, which had been German colony, they also were going to expand their power over Siberia in addition to Manchuria.

Of course, that Sergei would get angry…
He might get crazy, if he’d know that a foreigner is here while he’s out, his child took to the man easily, and he spent a night with his wife…

Thinking at his position, the reality is so ruthless.

But, also I was under the miserable fate. Perhaps mine was more than that.

Different from a prisoner of war, I don’t have any place to go back even when the war ends.
There is no room in my mind for feeling compassion for other people when they’ve got misfortune.

At the first place, whether a husband or wife, do not treat humans as belongings.

“You’ll be punished if you commit a crime. But, you’ll be punished even if you don’t commit a crime.”

Whichever way to go, that’s fuck my life.


Seashore lily blossoming in the beach told me that I seemed to come to the sea…

It was like having a bad dream.

Woke up to find myself moaning in a nightmare and…

“Feeling a little better?”

A girl asked, whose face I wasn’t sure I knew.

Thinking that probably I was taken to a time trip again,I asked back,“Where are we?”
“In Yokohama,” she answered.

“He’ll be back soon, so please wait a bit.” Who’ll be back? Though I think I know…

I was in a daze while getting nutrient from yogurt.

“Hey, I’m home.”

A man in early 20’s with black framed glasses entered the room.

“Ah! as I imagined.”I thought so, but I couldn’t recall his name, just“Ken”

That guy I had met in the dungeon of No Smoking Hotel in 2011, and had a trip from Tokyo to Yokosuka in Showa time together.

But he didn’t have glasses at that time…well, it doesn’t matter.

“Too young for a bum, and well dressed… I wondered who on earth, but it was you.”

It seems several years have passed since that and he brought me to the apartment who fainted on the night beach.

“Papa, it’s time to go.”

He was urged to dress up in fancy clothes by the girl he lived with, and somehow they also took me to the Saturday night in Yokohama.


Tonight, the Dance Party is held in a night club in ex-camp of the U.S. Armed Forces.

These two came to know each other a few months ago.
Well, it could be the youthful time in Showa of Japan.

I don’t like staying out late at night as in the 21st century, so felt inconvenient in almost all the time.

It’s good we’re allowed to smoke as we like, but there are too many people and I cannot be at ease.
However, something interested me, the heartrending and passionate music such as Argentine Tango.

Ken brought his friend.
“It’s long time no see.”
Maybe… Okazaki, who was the boy in a cabaret.

I wanted to ask what had happened during the several years, but difficult to talk a lot in the air.
Well, it’s not that important…

Around 11 o’clock at night, his girlfriend left for her(their) place, though the others wouldn’t go home.

When Ken said he’d see her off, I wanted to get out together.
But he said,“Wait a little. I’ll be back soon.” So I lost the chance.

I usually like the night. I mean…
Like having a glass of wine calmly, enjoying the waving light of candle in the darkness.

But, I don’t like sing in karaoke and making merry in a bar or club,
because people are drunk and I cannot talk as usual with them. In a word, “rubbish.”

It’s difficult in the night city to drink “a little” to settle down.

Me is a social person officially, but don’t like establish relationships halfheartedly with alcohol.

No way! especially being encouraged to go to a cabaret club by my friend or fuckin’ coworker.
Nothing to talk to such stranger girls with no connection with me.

The story has digressed… but to be honest, it’s impossible to drink along the night with the guys met at random.

If I were younger, it would be useful to take interests in the unknown world.
The worn out heart through the trips around the world thinks it’s trifle.

I was looking for any reasons that let me go home.

But where should I go?
Japan or Europe, either is OK. I have to go back to 2011. It’s not good at this rate. I have a lot of work.
If not impossible, even Russia in 1920’s is okay…

But how?
I have repeated come and go somehow ever, but it’s no use because I don’t know the mechanism.


時間旅行の世紀 第六章









日本軍? そう・・・この時期、革命後の内戦による治安の乱れを正すための国際貢献という名目で、日本軍によるシベリア出兵が行われていた。



















誰が帰ってくるんだ? なんとなく想像つくけどね・・・




2011年のNo Smoking Hotelの地下室で出会い、昭和の東京から横須賀まで旅したアイツだ。

でも、あの時はメガネなんて、かけてなかったけど・・・ まあ、いい。






米軍キャンプ跡地にあるナイトクラブで今夜、Dance Party があるらしい。





「お久しぶりです」 確か・・・ キャバレーでボーイをしてたオカザキだ。









僕は表向き、社交的な人間であるが・・・ 酒に酔って、いい加減な人間関係を築くのは嫌だ。






でも・・・ 何処へ帰ればいいんだ?


でも・・・ どうやって?