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It was, a long trip.

The window doesn’t open even half.

Perhaps…for crime prevention?
No…it doesn’t seem so dangerous.

I was just, bearing the impatience.

At No smoking hotel in 2014

Here is no smoking hotel!!
It was a hotel which says something proudly.

I am a smoke lover.

Do you wanna know why?
Do you know… the loneliness which creates the true art?

The art I mean is not like developing computer softs, or the Parody that HIP-HOP is in fashion.
I mean poetry as a mirror that reflects mental image in mind, and music.

But, wait a moment.

My melody is, not what they call Hollywood Commercialism. Of course it’s not Heavy fuck Metal.
Or, though almost the same, the Japanese fuck Visual Rock Style? No! It is more precious, and profound.

Well… my life like saying this stuff is, Comedy of grade fuck B.


Without knowing, I have thought that, I’m different, from others.

I don’t know I’m tough or an optimist, but I’ve gradually thought of myself as a selected one by God every time I make a small success.
Hearing these things, you may think of me as a very arrogant and disgusting man, but it’s not true.

Even if it was a triumph won with my talent and patience, I took it for a God’s bless. Huh huh huh…if it is exaggerated.

Come to think of it, I’ve suffered many hardships since childhood.

I’m not boasting, but I don’t think there is one whom as many troubles as me falls on in G7 advanced countries.
“Falls on” means, without hoping, misfortune attaks someone.

Though, isn’t there in fact any reason?
It may be true…but you know, when take an unprecedented trip with no stands, you’d be in trouble.
Do you understand? The trip is, the very my life.

Yes…I’ve lived, just thinking things positively.

Whatever bad happens,
“this is the norma God gave only the selected man”
“God will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear”

Always, thinking that way, I finally overcame and felt getting something important.


In Japan, in which I was born and grew up, most people have respected labor traditionally.

On the other hand, statistics say the amount of people who kill themselves is the largest in the world.
However, only a fool on the tip of an iceberg would do such a thing.

No one wants to be a loser.

“Work, if you don’t want to lose.”

Someone told me so, and I believed in it.

But, that idea which was against to the world’s standard collapsed soon after I had immigrated to Europe.

“You lose, if you work.” (It’s irony for fuckin’ hard workers likes me)

Nobody actually said it to me… but I somehow felt so when I was in France.

That made me easier.
Smile returned to me, who had been granted the nickname “Mr. No Smile.”

The afternoon romance, hidden by the leaves of grape trees…

Me… Hikaru Nekota, left his motherland 7 years ago.