No smoking hotel -Season2-


Nyan! Me, Hikaru Nekota is likely to be this type.

I have a strong sense of justice and do your best in correcting faults, which means you’re hot-blooded.

I’m moral, trustworthy, trying to move forward, clever, fair, honest ,and spare no effort, have a sense of responsibility.

I’m a perfectionist, putting your heart into making a difference in the world.
My temperament is German in stereotype image.

I do my best in order to remove my shortcomings.

I often get irritated when things and matters aren’t in order.

I want to avoid doing myself and follow someone on something seems to be a waste of time.

I often worry more unnecessarily or excessively than others.

I don’t want to stray from the path of duty, such as lying and cheating.

I don’t have enough time even though I have a lot of things to do. Always something makes me rush.

I cannot help checking precisely how I spent my time.

I easily believe in the idea that we cannot forgive bad things.

I get troubled and confused when things aren’t treated fairly.

I have a strong desire for self-improvement and always think I have to improve myself more and more.

I often feel frustrated, which is also the evidence which shows I’m not perfect.


feeling heartrending…
Only time flows…

…May go to the hell as the fallen one

On Christmas Eve in 2011, fine snow was falling.

Drinking a glass of hot Mulled wine at the Christmas market in a square, I lighted a cigarette.
My blue-eyed girlfriend did hold my arm tightly, and we listened to the hymn played by a nameless band.

The couple enjoyed the evening going toward the Saint Night, the sound of bells in church was disturbing though.

…not like that… the strong belief that I had to enjoy occupied my mind.

Making success in young, I lead satisfactory days in Europe. I thought I attained a dreaming life there.

But, the feeling of dissatisfaction choked me.
At every moment, there was me being impatient and angry about something.

She was with her family on 25th, Christmas, as Europeans do.
I was in a No Smoking Hotel in a country alone.

Nowadays, there is seldom a Smoking Hotel, so I ignored the no smoking rule.

I can’t write this manuscript unless wave the smoke elegantly.
Much less make music. After all, I don’t feel alive.

Authority, when a society or economy is at stake, tends to reinforce worthless regulations like Witch Hunts.

Eliminating minorities cuts down the complains of foolish people.
YAY! “Me” knows, who studied history at university.

Come to think of it, the first nonsmoking nation was Nazi Germany, wasn’t it?
I heard that when the situation got worse, the Anti-Smoking facism regarded new coming minorities as Witches.
It… is Jew, you know.

There was “Prohibition” in the United States during Great Depression.
But also facebook does not reach a lot of people a topic related to alcohol, by the way.

What am I doing?…I thought about trifle matters because of No Smoking Hotel.

The irritation grew stronger, and I hit the wall on which the poster “Here is No Smoking Hotel” was put.

I hit it with all my strength, indeed, but I was no Manny Pacquiano or Klitschko brothers (boxers).
The wall collapsed, and there was a big hole which a man could get through.

Worrying about the compensation to the hotel, I saw through the hole nervously.

…There were something like stairs.


This cheap hotel seemed to have been a jail or something.
The stairs gave me the impression those days.

My curiosity let me go down the stairs.

I went down a lot, but still there was a long way.

When thought of going back, I heard the Melody of jingles down in the distance.
Do they have a strange Party in cellar?

I thought I had went down the stairs for 15 minutes.

The jingle bells sounded clearly. I was reaching there.

Finally, I found an old door.
To open the door, or to go back I couldn’t decide for a moment, but…the next moment I moved.

“Nothing to lose”
At any rate, I had nothing to lose.
My life was not so much fantastic.

Made up my mind, and when I open the door of the cellar… there was the bottom of the hell where rats was crawling around.

Umm… a little confused, I was taking back, but the door was heavy.

“Hey, this way. Come quick.”

I turned around, and there was a Japanese-like man in black suits.

I had no time to understand the situation, and I just ran after him.

Finally got out of the underground through the emergency stairs, and the man pulled out a cigarette to me, saying “do you want one?”