No smoking hotel -Season1-


Beyond the fall of light there was a boy, listening to Rock’n’Roll for the first time in life.

Looking back on the past, I was blessed with luck.

The boys made their debut in early teen, and grew up creating air of maturity and distress which other students didn’t have.

However, there aren’t only good things in our lives.
Retired high school, being apart from his parents, the boy had to face the severe reality.

When he couldn’t earn his keep even after his debut, he deceived the transportation company into believing that he was 18 and worked as an assistant there…

The colleague man asked me, “why don’t you have the driver’s license?” “Why are you working? You’re a pro, aren’t you?”
He put up with the season being made fun of…

Bad things don’t stop when we have no room for minor matters.

Couldn’t pay the house rent, and was forced to get out of the apartment to be homeless.
In fact, he could protect himself from rain at his acquaintance’s houses…

He wouldn’t know how much his parents did for him if he had been under their patronage.

He talked about it to his friends, but they took interests in other.
Adults also wouldn’t listen to him and made him feel alone…

In the end, only my father stood by me.

He said he would take care of me if I get the qualification for entrance exam for university and entered one.
If several years ago, I would’ve refused it.
But it was the very thing in need for one was really poor.

Studying for the exam…
Even if I failed, my life will never be at stake.
How happy I was to study in strong motivation without concern for living.

Ah! The girl of Afghanistan, Malala, may show me her sympathy to this.


Well, now is the time to take the main theme.

In the spring in 2011, my young dad entered hospital.

Even then, I, thought like this,
“God will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear”

And, even with the falling trouble, I felt the God’s bless.

Life is not easy.

The real set up on numbers of absurdity.
It’s my life to tackle with and beat it.

There was so tough and devil-may-care me that can enjoy even absurdity so foolishly.

My dad, KENZO, was born in Hiroshima which was resuming from the ruins of fire made by nuclear bomb.
However, his father(my grandpa) managed to sustain his life, but was suffering heavy A-bomb disease.

Yes, THAT Hiroshima.


Kenzo was the second son of father who was an A-bomb victim and iliterate mother in a farm family.

He didn’t have any memory of the A-bomb itself.
But, he spent his childhood doing nothing but noticing adults in neighborhood suffering an aftereffect of A-bomb and falling into hell.

One day, he asked his father,
“Why didn’t the U.S. drop an A-bomb on Germany?”

His father answered,
“’cause human rights problems would arise if they did so. So they used yellow monkeys as test subjects.”

“Are we monkeys, not humans?”
His father was staring at the sky without speaking when Kenzo asked so…

10 years after the war, though Japanese government declared that “now we’re not in post-war,”
Hiroshima had numbers of stimulant addicts and gang boys, and it was definitely becoming the base of gangsters.

Children in those days including Kenzo would look down on people immigrated from countries which the Empire of Japan dominated calling them
…as Chon(Koreans), Chankoro(Chinise), Rosuke(Russians), and was brought up in hatred and violation…

And hatred grew stronger even between Japanese who have different opinions. The revenge against the revenge made the gang boys groups of gangsters.

Tokyo was in high to hold Olympics, while Hiroshima was still in post-war…


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